If you are looking to put employees in a position, you might consider using a agency recruiting service to get the job done. There are a variety of services available, but should you use them, and how do you get the most out of your money?


You rent in bulk. You upgrade, have a higher profit (if you have the time, you can ask why), or hire to fill more or more seasonal areas. You need help!

An agency recruitment service is equipped to deal with this type of capacity: They work with community agencies, foreign workers (and secure work visas), and other outreach programs to assist with greater staffing needs.

Rental costs can exceed $ 40,000 per job. Some of those costs are in training and production losses, of course. But a good portion of the cost lies in the hiring process itself: how much time HR staff and management spend discussing negotiations; advertising; hours spent testing; negotiation; re-negotiation; background check; and more. HR departments often take these steps in order to have to restart the process. If you have a dedicated employer, you already have an idea of ​​what the investment is for each year. Have you deducted your salary / benefits / benefits by the annual rental rate? That’s just the tip of the iceberg in rental costs.

So why use agency recruiting? Especially in small organizations, where staff time has already been extended, in-house hiring often does not make a wise investment in resources. If you do not have a dedicated employer, you are dragging valuable time away from other employees, time that affects your goal. Hiring an agency to find the right people (not just a bunch of applicants) may be the way to go when you want to get the most out of your money.

Understanding Rental Companies

Before submitting to an agency recruiting  service, you should have an understanding of your hiring needs so that you know how to make the best use of the agency’s services. Hiring needs may be differentiated into-


If you are hiring rarely – perhaps once or twice a year – it is foolish to have a dedicated employer. The agency can find the right candidate at the door, be tested and certified. Your job will be minimal – set meetings to see if they fit and hire.


Maybe you hire regularly – about once a month. You may have someone who does most of your hiring, trained to evaluate and negotiate accordingly, but may need help finding candidates (and, as opposed to applicants) at the door. CareerBuilder reports that you can easily get 75 CVs at every job opening. That’s a lot of experimentation. Even if you only spend five minutes on each resume / cover (which is open), you will spend more than six hours reading them in hopes of finding a good candidate.

A similar survey showed that 78 percent of employers found that at least half of new recruits came from unqualified applicants: That is three hours wasted. The agency recruitment can help reduce the burden when it comes to testing, so you can give your focus only to the most qualified.


Or suppose you rent regularly: At any time, you usually post, negotiate, confirm, or fill in the blanks. You have many balls in the air at one time, and it can be a challenge to put them all together. Having a whole department to help would be great, but not on the cards, or on the budget. The hiring firm can be the HR department: It can take a large part of the work into your hands and free you from quality recognition, rather than quantity.

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