The purpose and plan of greatness

Understanding your purpose for a living might seem daunting, but achieving your dreams is harder. The story of Lady Queet is all about life struggles, betrayal, systemic racism, family ties, unconditional love, and hip-hop. She’s a self-made artist and entrepreneur. 

Despite the gigantic turbulences life threw at Lady Queet, she never doubted God’s plan for her destiny. Embracing your fears is not for the light-hearted and requires a beast-mode mentality for supreme survival.  

Having innate leadership qualities comes with a cost, where people constantly rely on you for their problems and solutions. 

The birth of Lady Queet

Heavy is the head that wears the crown in life. God made Lady Queet with broad shoulders and blessed her with the ability of natural-born leadership.  In 2011, Lady Queet launched the Picture Perfect Studio label, including a record label, TV/Film, Clothing line, and a music publishing division. Lady Queet has multiple movie and studio projects on deck for 2022.  

Lady Queet’s music resonates with people’s hearts from Atlanta to Hawaii. Born with a gift for transforming parts of her soul into powerful chords. Her lifestyle anthem record “Hell of a Day” embodies Lady Queet’s ability to ignite a fire inside people’s psyche. 

“Hell of A Day” released in 2017, has amassed over 700,000 streams across all DSPs. As a result of her utter success, she has monetized and cross-branded her brand worldwide. In 2021, she partnered with RADIOPUSHERS to extend her reach and brand strength. RADIOPUSHERS creates organic music monetization platforms for artists/entrepreneurs.