Gunvant Thakor is a small village guy who moved to the city life of Ahmedabad to earn better alongside his parents. From walking 12km to work to owning a production house, he has worked hard to achieve his long-held goals. Gunvant’s production house is set to bring back real entertainment for the audience. Laxmi Studio is now known as “Jiggar studio” has been delivering hit projects in the last few years. He believes that working with talented artists has made this possible alongside his hard work and dedication.

He was born in Lhor in the Mehsana District to a family with major financial constraints which led them to move to a place where they could earn more for Gunvant. He is highly inspired by his parents and their hard work which led him to work even harder. With the introduction of his production house Jiggar Studio, he was able to work with many well-known faces on revolutionary projects. Projects like Tuto Sajan Mara Kadje Korani, Preet Jhuke Nahi Saath Chhute Nahi, Tu Mari Nai To Koini Nai, and Prem Ni Majburi, Nandlala and Jiv Hatheli Par Muki Didho Tara Re Bharose, and many more have moved the entertainment industry. It has been over a decade that he has been working on projects that bring some real concepts to action.

Gunvant Thakor mentioned, “People like Vikram Thakor, Jignesh Kaviraj, Aakash Thakor, Naresh Kanodiya, Hiten Kumar, Hitu Kanodiya, Firoz Irani, Rajdeep Barot, and Rakesh Barot has made my projects special. There have been some great artists who have given their best to the project. Jiggar Studio is a baby to me and I don’t compromise on the quality of work we deliver. I hope that from here onwards we keep growing and delivering some unique entertainment through future projects.”

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