Head Fake member Michael Baker, also known as Hasten Mercy, has dropped his latest project, ‘You Don’t Leave Me,’ which uses the same approach to composing lyrics as his previous work while incorporating a fresh soulful feel. Innovative, well-thought-out, and backed by a melodic backdrop, “You Don’t Leave Me” employs cinematic and symphonic loops and kick drums to create a cinematic and harmonious experience. The music offers a captivating diversity of tempos while also utilizing electronic instruments to achieve profound, motivating, and enamoring beats. You Don’t Leave Me is heavily influenced by trap and R&B music. In the same way that his previous projects have done, Hasten Mercy’s newest track is sure to make ripples in the music business. ‘You Don’t Leave Me’ is also accompanied by an intriguing video that is likely to pique the interest of Hasten Mercy’s followers.

Michael Baker is originally from Canada and currently resides in New Jersey. In addition to being an outstanding music composer, Baker is also very famous as a multi-instrumentalist. He has composed film soundtracks, indie singles, and has collaborated on a variety of projects. His method is mystifying, and he has successfully combined a wide range of unique music genres, all of which are accompanied by melodies based on words, into a cohesive whole. Baker has always had a fascination for music; his masters even encouraged him to seek a career in music. However, due to a series of unexpected turns of events, he ended up marrying young and working in private firms to support his family. However, as the adage goes, “Everything has its own time,” music eventually made its way into his family as he lulled his kids to sleep and introduced them to a range of genres and styles.

Listen to “You Don’t Leave Me” on Spotify, and make sure to check out the visuals via YouTube. Follow Hasten Mercy via Head Fake’s website for more information on his upcoming projects.

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