Majid Moradi is known as one of the best directors of Iran and Canada, who has expertise and expertise in various artistic fields.

Introducing Majid Moradi

Majid Moradi is known as a famous actor, director and writer in the field of art. He was born in Iran on 9/16/1978.

At first, he started his artistic activity in the field of painting and sculpture, as well as music, and after learning painting, he started designing. This familiarity led to the invitation of Majid Moradi to photograph and a movie project.

After becoming familiar with this industry, he chose the field of cinema to continue his education and during his studies; he entered the field of cinema and television as a photographer and actor for the first time in a very special series called Final Decision.

The first project he started as a producer and director was a documentary series called Gonbad Soltanieh, after which he photographed many other series.

What path has Majid Moradi traveled so far?

Majid Moradi, who is known as the best director in Iran and Canada, has traveled a winding path and has been active to reach this position.

After getting acquainted with the cinema industry and entering this profession for academic studies, he started making short films while studying and working as a cinematographer, and directed his first feature film as the silence of the night in front of the camera as a writer and director.

After this project, he realized that he should learn the knowledge of this industry in a completely professional way. For this reason, he sought to learn special effects and animation and pursued film editing professionally.

By making the telefilm “Hidden Hit” on the order of the Kung Fu Federation of the Islamic Republic, he received numerous orders in different fields.

Among the most important films made by him, we can mention the films Tolou Dar Shab, Hidden hit, and Frouzen Shadows.

He believes that there is good equipment in our country at the moment, which people can work in this field in a better way if financial supports are provided. Also, the training of capable people in the field of screenwriting has a great impact on the growth of the film industry, because this part is known as the foundation of a film.

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