Anna Scolaro talks about life in the middle lane. Here she means reaching mid-life and dealing with lifestyle challenges and changes. We tend to forget that our life pace is faster than we can digest water so many of us get sidetracked and forget to reset.

Here is the moment to rethink the last fifty years and consider hard were and what we want to do or be in let’s be realistic…. the next thirty!!? It’s now or never I guess.

I have seen many make this mistake but will never admit it. They look forward to a retirement…. they rest, sleep, travel and dream but have no recollection of time so they don’t think about what if or when or make realization of what used to be an easy lifestyle to what can become a complicated one moving forward.

So here I am, at this crossroads in my life .. to amend things; to re-assess if you like and to make these changes. Perhaps one of my homes has far too many stairs or the location no longer offers the secure healthcare I once never cared about.
At the end of the day, it’s us alone who are to blame for our irresponsible actions. I read a short book a while back by Oprah Winfrey called the ‘power of now ‘and this really has come to focus at this moment of time. Perhaps she wrote it at her crossroads too but it certainly is opening up my compass now.

I am quite excited about these changes and I am happy that I have arrived here to re-assess and contemplate the next days. Many of us for whatever reasons may it be the common mid-life crisis, menopause, greed, or simply time …. 🤚 decide to make partnership changes their most important assessment. Where there are siblings involved, this can only make the mid-life progression even more complicated and stressful later on.

Now is Now’ and if we are all clearly focused, it is our moment to create our comfort pad for the years ahead. If married; for your children and future grandchildren or if alone, I guess to keep what is your priority and enjoy the hard-earned remnants of your hard-earned rewards.

At the end of the day, life is to be lived and we are here for this reason. But at some point, we need to stop and push that reset button.

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