Baton Rouge Louisiana rap artist Christopher Francisco Flores well known by his stage name 38 Goblin stated that fans wanted to know what school he graduated from , “ I graduated from Pickering High School. It’s Located near the Leesville and Fort Polk Louisiana area.

38 Goblin also stated his two Brothers will be on his upcoming Future projects Kory Flores the youngest brother of  38 Goblin well known by his stage name EZ and the oldest brother of 38 Goblin Willie Dixon well known by his stage name Southern Nights will be on the black sheep album, which will be released at the end of 2021”

38 Goblin stated all the songs but one on the black sheep album was recorded in a empty dark room. The other was recorded in a graveyard that he recorded at 3am, song is titled “Thunder and Rain” a tribute to his uncle Bobby Ray Britt known as Sweet Pea.

38 Goblin first album will be released in March of 2021. Goblin stated be ready!

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