Popularly known as The Wolf of Dubai, he helps people become financially free with trading.

To all those uninitiated, learning about the trading space and how to trade stocks successfully can seem like an impossible prospect. Most of them try hard to make it but lose. However, when one gets trained to run in a marathon, success is attainable; similarly, in trading, if one follows the right steps and get proper training, success can come knocking the doors for them.

The classic example today of one such teenage trader is Mohammed Salahuddin, who, at only 17 years of age, has excelled beyond boundaries, taking guidance from his trader father and taking the trading game a notch higher with his skills and passion.

There is a reason why Mohammed Salahuddin is called The Wolf of Dubai. He has shown his excellence in just a year by profitting a stunning $30,000+ in 180 working days, shockingly, even before attaining a college degree. The Dubai-based trader created an income source for himself amidst a pandemic, which proves how passionately Mohammed Salahuddin has climbed the ladder of success.

He shares the keys to become a successful trader.

  • Always do adequate research: Only getting into the trading space is not enough; one must know how to go about it. No research will mean losing money, which will lead to discouragement and quitting attitude. “people need to research the potential ways they can educate themselves on the markets.” As stated by Salahuddin
  • Set goals (objective + time): It is essential for people to know what they seek through trading and set goals to make pertinent efforts to achieve those goals on time. Setting the goals will also keep people inspired to trade better and make smarter, strategic decisions, says the young trader.
  • Seek a mentor and continue to learn: Mohammed Salahuddin says that people must search for guidance and help from the ones who can offer them great knowledge and expertise. In his case, his father guided him, which helped him become one of the youngest traders in Dubai.
  • Evaluation of progress: The teenage trader and entrepreneur says that people need to stop and evaluate the progress to see what’s going wrong and what’s going the other way. He suggests people not to fear losses, as you only learn to improvise through your losses.

Mohammed Salahuddin, who alone controls $112,000 in stocks and cryptos, has widened his portfolio and has taken it a step further in the trading space, as he now wants to help and guide others from all age groups to make their financial dreams a reality. He helps people become financially free with trading.

To know more, you can follow him on Instagram @thewolfofdxb.

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