Bruce Lee’s famous quote, ’Be like water’, comes to mind when we hear of Simon Walder – a name that most Dentists trust when planning on buying property. Simon is currently the go-to real estate expert to the dentists’ community in Texas. How Simon came to be a Real Estate Expert is a story not shy of its share of ups, downs and, inspiring life lessons.

Simon went to Bell state university for a degree in marketing. He paid for his education himself, working as a door-to-door salesman. The rigorous life that he put himself through got earned him an attitude that shines brilliantly with positivity. Nothing stops this young man.

Graduating from college, Simon joined Henry Schein Dental, and later, Benco dental to market their products– dental equipment. The target group, Simon met daily were dentists. Working closely with them, he observed that they were all in need of a good space to set up their clinic. This gave him the idea to get into real estate. While most people wouldn’t dare such a move –switching careers at 30, Simon bravely jumped at the idea. Not only did he change careers he went from being a salaried employee to becoming the boss. He set up his own company.

Simon has helped thousands of dentists, who were looking for a property on lease, to own property. He encouraged dentists to buy property, especially strip malls. He also found them leases that paid for the property. Through this idea, Simon has helped countless dentists in the Texas area to have an additional income source. He invested in properties himself that he now rents out to many of his clients.

Simon’s calm, clear, and no-nonsense attitude during every sale, whether for himself or on behalf of his clients, has made him a trusted name in the market. He leaves no stones unturned when it comes to doing the homework thoroughly to get the best deal for his clients. I can count on him to walk the extra mile to make a winning deal for me, says a satisfied client.

Simon’s dedication to his work and his commitment to the values he holds has won him the trust of his clients. Simon’s single-minded focus to do the job, do it right and keep moving forward, no matter what comes his way, surely makes him be like water. And for us, the lesson is,’ Be like Walder.’

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