Winning the Intel Arabian Cup is a dream for most League of Legends teams. From Algeria to Egypt, teams from different corners of the world participate in this tournament every year to become the best. But only a handful of teams make it to the last 16, and one of them emerges as the winner. Veteran players make all sorts of strategies to come out on top, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Anubis Gaming, the leading eSports organization in the Middle East, won the tournament in 2019. But why was their win historic? And how did they manage to win the Intel Arabian Cup by defeating some of the world’s best teams?

Rated, Anubis Gaming’s key player

Mohamed Magdy Soliman, one of the most valuable players in the MENA region, is an integral part of Anubis Gaming. He is the reason why Anubis Gaming won the Intel Arabian Cup in 2019. Rated is the team’s content creator and streamer. He also leads the team in various tournaments. Rated’s skills in League of Legends, paired with his experience, propelled Anubis Gaming to glory. He is so popular now that the Egyptian government made him a member of the Egyptian National eSports team.

Strategizing against big teams

Winning the Intel Arabian Cup is no joke. Teams take years to overcome the qualification stage, but Anubis Gaming managed to win it in its fourth year. According to Rated, the team focused significantly on the strategies of other groups. They would sit and discuss for days how to tackle some of these strategies. Rated recorded streaming videos of the top teams and analyzed their gameplans one by one. This helped the team understand how to defeat their opponents in qualifying rounds and the knockout stages.

Gaining experience from losing

It took Anubis Gaming four years to win its first major title. Does that mean the team didn’t have the potential or experience to win? It’s not like that. Rated believes that losing is a part of winning. The more you lose, the more experience you gain. He even mentioned in an interview after winning the Intel Arabian Cup that losing shows you the mistakes you shouldn’t make in your next game. 

He said, “Anubis Gaming came close to winning many tournaments. But we made critical errors at the last moment. The Intel Arabian Cup was a huge step for us. We didn’t want to lose at any cost. Therefore, we watched our previous games’ videos to figure out ways to avoid the mistakes we made. I think that’s one of the most important things about losing that eventually helps you win a tournament.”

Rated’s leadership skills

Rated’s leadership skills also played a crucial role in Anubis Gaming winning the Intel Arabian Cup. He gave specific instructions to his teammates about attack and defense. Every team member had an individual part to play, and no one would interfere in anyone’s job. This strategy worked wonders for Anubis Gaming. Even amateur players can pick a leaf from these strategies if they want to win any major tournament.

Rated’s excellent game plan and individual skills propelled Anubis Gaming to the glory it deserved. Only time will tell whether they can consistently perform at the highest level.

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