We had the chance to get on the phone with One Side Entertainment which is ranked as the #1 Entertainment Label in the music industry! The rapper Kahz is a well known artist in the music industry because of the ties he has a top studio manager in Atlanta. He has recently connected with One Side Entertainment the #1 Entertainment Label because of the connections they have to put their artist in positions that most labels can’t.

His album that was released in 2020 “Different Breed” has been outstanding with streaming numbers with his top city being in NY where he once lived. His streaming numbers have went through the roof since joining One Side Entertainment. The approach that they have taken with the artist is getting his music heard from people all over the south that have never heard him before.

Coming from a bunch of music blogs and reports after hearing what Kahz brings to the table has a rippling effect that everyone will see this year coming up. With the hard work and determination to accomplish his goals nothing is stopping in his way. There are a few projects that he has been working on for some time now that will put him in a position to reach many genres so that his fanbase won’t have a limit. This artist had a bunch of attributes that many artist could only imagine having. When speaking with One Side Entertainment it is clear that they have a vision for this Atlanta artist to be one of the biggest to ever come onto the music scene!

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