“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members” – Coretta Scott King

Rocky Lee has come a long way developing into a million dollar manager, investor and an entrepreneur to a million dollar record label. Artist and businessman, Rocky Lee is also a certified pastry chef. At the age of 16, Lee was studying culinary sciences at school when he realised that his real passion still lies in music, something that he has practiced all his life.

Today, he is a million dollar artist and believes in giving back to the community with funds and guides to young artists to further their career in music. Born in Bronx and raised in Brooklyn, Rocky is emotionally connected to New York and its culture so when he decided to create his own label, he also knew he wanted to help the aspiring who could not afford to go on international tours by themselves.

Mr Lee had always looked out for new talents from New York and revealed their arts to the world world. He has been successful in impacting millions of lives and has created million dollar artists by providing them funds. Creating his million dollar music, he has worked with 69, Real CJ kid that sings whoopty and some other famous artists.

With the power of his 120K+ followers on Instagram, he furthers his vision to give to the community by organising giveaways. Rocky wants to set a positive example to people by providing young artists with ample amount of opportunities leading their way to glory.

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