Its an obvious fact that staging the current year’s Super Bowl in Atlanta made for one charged up end of the week, not notwithstanding counting the real amusement that occurred. It was a prime space to host various music-centric events with the industry’ greatest stars descending upon the Southern city for a host of shows and as indicated by Boxscore, those shows happened to set up enormous numbers on the boards, especially at the city’s State Farm Arena.

The site, home to the Atlanta Hawks, doubles as a premier concert venue and was host to three nights of sold-out celebrations that end of the week, beginning off with Ludacris’ featuring session which sold 11,149 tickets and earned $1.3 million. The next night was helmed by Aerosmith and Post Malone and together they sold out to a field of 12,894 for a gross of $3.6 million. Be that as it may, Billboard reports that the record-breaking spectacle went ahead Saturday, Feb second when Cardi B and Bruno Mars sold out to a field of 14,152 and earned $6.5 million, coming to No. 2 on the Billboard Boxscore chart.

In the event that individuals are thinking about how Ludacris can sell 11,149 tickets contrasted with Cardi B and Bruno Mars’ 14,152 and still sell out, everything goes down to logistics. This implies the field, in the same way as other others like it, has different pre-chosen stage set ups for various kinds of shows and group of onlookers hopes. Ludacris just so happened to sell out his set up, etc.

As for Cardi B and Bruno Mars, it marks a new record set for the 20-year-old State Farm Arena with their count of $6.473 million setting the record for the most noteworthy single-night net ever. The main other act to beat this number at the setting, some time ago Philips Arena, was a seven-show stint featured by Garth Brooks in 2014, which earned $6.634 million aggregate.

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