The Sankranti movie releases have caused a great deal of uncertainty in the Telugu film industry; ten Telugu and Tamil films are slated to be released during the holiday season.

Excitement among producers and viewers in the Telugu states sparked conversations about possible delays in order to prevent a confrontation. It was first announced that the Dil Raju film “Family Star” would be delayed, and more recently, it was revealed that Ravi Teja’s movie “Eagle” would also be delayed.

As the President of the Telugu Film Chamber, Dil Raju has been in discussions with a number of film producers, encouraging them to think about delaying their releases in order to prevent a glut of releases and guarantee a sufficient number of theaters. Still, it was unclear at the time whether any movie would choose to postpone.

The most recent information provides some clarification on the festival’s release schedule: Ravi Teja’s film “Eagle” has opted to withdraw from the Sankranti competition.

It was revealed that, after talks with the producers who had first announced Sankranti releases, a decision was made to address the difficulties presented by having five films in competition. Dil Raju, Damodara Prasad, and Prasanna Kumar were present at the meeting.

The makers of Ravi Teja’s “Eagle” indicated during this meeting that they would be open to moving the movie to February 9. Dil Raju to have this information. With this ruling, four films—”Hanuman,” “Guntur Karam,” “Saindhav,” and “Na Sami Ranga”—will still be released during the Sankranti festival. The fans have praised the move, and the producers have conveyed their appreciation to Ravi Teja for helping to ease the burden of the festive release schedule.

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