Born and raised in Iran, Pooria Ghohroodi is a successful business owner in Los Angeles, California. He was a race champion and now owns a pretty big dealership in Los Angeles. He is also a shareholder in BMW Company, and now he is entering the movie-making business. Mr. Mixer is a movie that was released in early 2021. This movie is about the problems of Iranian musicians in Iran and how they are struggling with these issues. Mr. Mixer turns out to be a semi-successful movie. This movie owes his triumph to Pooria Ghohroodi investment. The director of this movie stated that this movie wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for Pooria Ghohroodi’s investment and advice. Mr. Mixer also focuses on copyright problems in Iran; due to the lack of copyright, many musicians and mixers can’t get in touch with international records. As we mentioned before, Pooria Ghohroodi is not only the financial sponsor of this movie. He also participated in the making and some of the directing and advertising. The Iranian business visionary did a solid job in financing the shooting costs and advertisements. Pooria also helped with the movie’s music score and paid for the movie’s musical stuff, too.

Did Pooria Ghohroodi hire the cast?

The cast was selected by the director Amir Eight, but he runs them through Pooria before hiring. So, with the advice of Pooria and we have a suitable cast and are doing their job perfectly. Javad Safaee (Mehdi), Mohsen Parhizkar (Avid), Farshad Amini, Babak Khalil Pham (Babi M) have roles in this movie. Safaee plays the lead character, and he did such a so-so job. Ali Asadi composed the music of this movie.

Is Pooria going to make more movies?

Right now, it is hard to say because Mr. Mixer released recently and is not sure about his next future experience in the world of Cinema. But one thing is for sure: he will create gaming websites in the near future, and currently, there aren’t many details about them because they are at the early stages of programming and financing. He doesn’t want to just create a normal thing for people. He wants to give you people something that has fine quality. In the movie-making business, this is also true. He doesn’t want to finance a terrible movie with a dull plot or something. He wants to do it correctly. So, because of this, it’s better to have patience for the man.

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