Marvel Studios is prioritizing the Fantastic Four over X-Men with regards to who is getting their MCU debut initially out of the Fox properties. Since the time Walt Disney Studios gained twentieth Century Fox, there have been a great deal of hypotheses on which of those characters would join the MCU first.

With the majority of Phase 4 previously rounded out, there were speculations that maybe the X-Men and Fantastic Four would not join the bigger universe until Phase 5. At San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige even prodded that there were plans for those properties yet that they “ran out of time” at the huge Hall H presentation.

Given the current worldwide pandemic, there have been a couple of purges for Marvel’s record for Phase 4 as activities have been changing delivery dates. That likewise applies to the few Marvel Studios shows that are coming to Disney+.

In any case, Disney just had their enormous Investors Day where a ton of shocks were disclosed for the eventual fate of Marvel Studios. One major declaration that many didn’t see coming was Feige reporting that Spider-Man chief Jon Watts will formally coordinate the Fantastic Four for Marvel Studios. While no delivery date, cast, or essayist was reported, the notorious group is en route to the MCU.

Unfortunately, for all the eager X-Men fans across the world, nothing was said about when the MCU will present the Marvel’s mutants. While Marvel and Disney still can’t seem to determine any official purpose behind why they haven’t been gotten at this point, there are a couple of key elements to consider and one of them is no uncertainty vicinity.

Prior to the obtaining, X-Men: Dark Phoenix was the last portion in Fox’s X-Men Cinematic Universe to be delivered in theaters. From the colossal film industry frustration just as the film’s negative gathering among pundits, X-Men: Dark Phoenix was a lamentable finale for Fox’s X-Men establishment that began in 2000. Delivering excessively near that delivery would be a hazardous possibility.

While The New Mutants got its poor-got discharge, it may not exactly fit with the legacy of the first X-Men films, however it included freaks and it is too early to get them the MCU on the rear of that. Given that the MCU has scarcely even recognized the Inhumans that were presented through Agents of S.H.I.E.LD., that gathering is a need for Marvel Studios than the X-Men since Ms. Wonder is coming to Disney+.

Conversely, the Fantastic Four have had less big-screen presence as they just had a two-film arrangement just as a reboot that bombarded basically and monetarily. Likewise with the Inhumans, the Fantastic Four additionally have need behind them since they hold the title of being Marvel’s First Family and are a notable piece of the funnies history. They aren’t being brought to the MCU instead of the X-Men to serve just mutantkind, they merit high charging all alone.

The last time the Fantastic Four showed up on the big screen was in 2015 so when they re-visitation of the MCU, there will have been in any event 6 years of distance from Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four. Add to that factor, the real selling point that they can bring something altogether new into the MCU that different movies haven’t zeroed in on something over the top.

This isn’t to imply that that the X-Men venture doesn’t make a difference, however it would be stupid not to recognize the trouble presented by the nearness to the just-finished Fox franchise. And keeping in mind that little is thought about Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four film, it’ll be a fascinating couple of years to follow as Disney start putting the task that will ideally accompany some news for the X-Men as well.

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