A Star Is Born has at last been released on DVD and digital, and you comprehend what that implies: a wide range of fun extra goodies for fans to enjoy. Thanks to a dutiful Instagram fan account called “gagaxbradley,” we’re presently conscious of a clasp that is by all accounts a screen test for the dear companions and costars, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper (our Ally and Jackson Maine, respectively). In the screen test, it would appear that we’re getting an early version of the scene in which Jackson visits Ally’s home and beseeches her to go to his show that night. Obviously, the absence of sound makes it difficult to state beyond a shadow of a doubt. It’s significant that in the clasp, Jackson looks far more like Cooper than the messy alcoholic Jackson; he has an adorable denim shirt on, shorter coiffed hair, and . . . is that an earring in his ear?! Allows simply state we’re happy that got nixed (except if it’s hiding underneath Jackson’s “mane,” ha).

With or without jokes, the screen test demonstrates what we figured more likely than not been there the entire time: an irrefutable, absolutely electric chemistry among Cooper and Gaga. It would appear that all that pasta eating and makeup wiping truly ignited a unique bond between the two, right from the get-go. While we trust in a more drawn out clasp of the screen test (with sound) to show up some place, we’re simply going to continue crying over that “Shallow” execution in Vegas and intersection our fingers for Lady Gaga’s enormous success at the Oscars. Possibly twice finished, in case we’re extremely fortunate.

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