Do you like reading about new technologies? Are you looking for further updates on gadgets and other technologies? For all of you, we have come with the best Tech blogger from Delhi named Mohit Verma who has become best in the business with his knowledge and writing skills.

If you are into the tech world, then you should read blogs which are written by Mohit Verma. This young lad from Delhi is not only good in Tech news, but he is fantastic in fashion blogs, in fact, he is now a fashion influencer & influence his audience on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. You can even check his profile – @itz_mohit_verma

Mohit has collaborated with top brands like – Amazon, Nissan, Shein, Vivo, Samsung. All the brands appreciate his way of sharing content, and he is earning more clients for this work.

Mohit Verma has started his own site called “The Techgram” where he shares his views on various niches. He is a pass out but chose to blog as a profession, and it turned out to be an excellent decision for his life.

Mohit is also very much into Photography; his every click shows his perfection and uniqueness. Mohit’s Photography is also boosting his popularity on social media platforms from the past few years. His multi-talent ability is helping him grow in various fields. Being a social media influencer, he knows how to impress masses online, which is a lesson for others too.

Mohit Verma’s growth is an excellent sign for bloggers in India. To gain a name as a blogger where the Internet is still not used in significant numbers is a big achievement. Once Indians have gadgets in hand with the Internet, We are sure he will gain more fame in the coming years.

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