Kheraj is an entrepreneur who never gives up and turns his businesses into success stories.

Starting a journey at the naive age of 16 and then turning out to be a successful entrepreneur under 30, is what defines Farhan Kheraj, who hails from Atlanta, Georgia. Most of the younger brigade dream a lot about their careers and how they wish to live their lives; but not many have the grit to actually make the efforts to climb up the ladder to success and achieve all that, that their heart wishes. On the other hand, Kheraj always had a strong determination towards achieving his desired life and so he started working at a very early age.

Kheraj was born on July 18, 1994, and since the time he was a kid his curiosity to know new things and his urge to explore different fields, made him find new industries that he could enter with his magnificent ideas. At 16, in Atlanta, he used to buy, unlock and flip iPhones on Craigslist to earn some decent earnings. Interestingly, he was the only person in Atlanta to do this. Soon after graduating, completing his major in Management Information Systems from the University of Georgia, Kheraj began working with Deloitte Consulting in the year 2018.

However, risks are what Kheraj loves to take and that’s what he did. He took a giant leap of faith by leaving the company and becoming a businessman. Kheraj now owns a sports consulting firm called TrustMySystem, which is one of the top companies in America. Kheraj serves as the founder and CEO of the firm and it is his hard work and perseverance that has made the company reach newer heights in the industry.

His motivation to start this business was when he realized the opportunity and its increasing rise in the sports gambling industry. He initiated his own consulting service that talks volumes about transparency with the best handicappers that cover all the sports. They are known for their best quality customer service and also the economical packages in the industry.

Kheraj strongly believes in the execution of all the ideas by rising entrepreneurs because it is only through executing these plans and ideas that an individual can fulfill their dreams. He suggests them to not pay attention to what others have to say or think about them and focus only on their work and efforts. Not letting other’s opinions bother you is also one of the important qualities of an entrepreneur.

His simple success mantra of life is that he doesn’t believe in giving up at all. Kheraj also doesn’t like to take “no” as an answer. Even after facing hurdles, he shows up every day with greater enthusiasm and confidence to take on the other challenges. Just like any other businessman, Kheraj too faces a lot many setbacks, but he knows how to set forward and keep grinding to achieve what he aims for.

Kheraj doesn’t believe in keeping regrets; however, he believes that if he fails to try in the first place, that would be what he would regret. Keeping aside the fears, one must always take the first step to start the things one aims to do. Even if it means starting small at the beginning, one must continuously move forward with all the focus and zeal to accomplish their goals, suggests Kheraj.

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