Paul Anka is thankful for his experience on “The Masked Singer,” despite the fact that he was the most recent superstar to be uncovered on the hit rivalry arrangement. On an exceptional Thanksgiving broadcasting, Anka was exposed as the Broccoli.

Anka said “The Masked Singer” was the ideal way for him to perform during the COVID-19 pandemic, and furthermore enjoy a reprieve from recording his most recent collection, which he’s as of now creating for discharge one year from now.

“I was really locked in a studio and with COVID-19, not socializing or getting out, obviously,” Anka told Variety. “Once I talked to my son and my girlfriend and then some people in my staff I said, yeah I got to get out of here and I think it’d be a lot of fun.”

Among the panelists, Robin Thicke was the simply one to sort out it was Anka, yet all things considered: As individual Canadians in diversion, Anka and Thicke definitely knew one another.

“It’s a pretty close knit community,” said Anka, who likewise realized Thicke’s late dad, Alan Thicke. “There was a lot of diversity in who they guessed, from Bill Murray to Wayne Newton. I suspected Robin would [figure it out] because I wasn’t really changing my voice that much, other than I was doing a lot of movement. I don’t really suspect a lot of people watching or even on the panel have ever seen me in person other than maybe Robin.”

Nicole Scherzinger speculated Wayne Newton, Ken Jeong thought it was Ringo Starr, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg’s guess was Neil Sedaka and visitor specialist Jay Pharoah speculated Paul Simon.

Anka, as Broccoli, sang “Old Time Rock & Roll,” by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, for his last exhibition. In past scenes he likewise sang “House Is Rockin’”/”Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On,” by Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jerry Lee Lewis, and “Hello,” by Lionel Richie.

“That was the point, to have fun and a lot of movement,” Anka said of the generally uptempo numbers. “By putting the energy and songs I don’t normally do, I felt it could throw them a little bit.”

Anka said he picked the Broccoli outfit since he’s a “health nut.”

“I was going with the flow, I don’t exist with expectations, most things in life,” he said. “So I was just going along with the flow of it. I think I went further than I thought I would, frankly. I wasn’t really ready to be in a costume for three weeks, but those costumes are amazing. I think the big turn on for a lot of fans is those costumes are unbelievable.”

He conceded that the outfits and tech took a smidgen of becoming accustomed to. “I’m a guy that’s old school in the sense that there’s no tricks,” he said. “I don’t have in-ears and I work a certain way. And I come from the Rat Pack group and we had certain execution when we sing. But once you get in a suit, that’s not really fitting you in a form of normality, and then the heat, and then the visual’s very tough because of the screen. And then you’ve got a hand that’s five times size of yours. But once you get past the first [performance], and the heaviness of everything, then you just deal with it, you apply yourself and do it.”

Concerning his new collection, Anka said he’s working with visitors, for example, Il Divo and Olivia Newton-John. Be that as it may, most prominently, he’s working with Andrea Bocelli and taking the expert chronicle of Frank Sinatra singing “My Way” (which Anka wrote) to create another version of the song.

“When I originally wrote it for Sinatra in 1968, I had the rights to have it on one of my albums,” Anka said. “I didn’t want to just do ‘My Way,’ so I thought it would be interesting if I could get Bocelli, and then get Frank’s master, mix it in with me with an orchestra. The technology today is amazing, you’re able to do those kinds of things. So it’s, me, Bocelli, Sinatra, and we’re singing ‘My Way’ together. To be able to meld them properly, with Bocelli was a big challenge but we pulled it off. And it’s an exciting part of the album.”

In the Group C last round smackdown, Anka as Broccoli performed “Take Me Down” by Alabama, while the Mushroom sang “A Song for You” by Donny Hathaway.

New this season, the show’s specialists are additionally going after a “Golden Ear” prize dependent on their initial introductions of each veiled entertainer — and going into the scene, McCarthy Wahlberg was ahead of the pack with three, while Thicke and Scherzinger had two focuses each, and Jeong so far had zero.

Scherzinger’s first introduction surmise was Bill Murray; Jeong’s was Martin Short; Thicke’s was Bob Newhart; and McCarthy Wahlberg said Jerry Springer. Nobody got another point this week.

This current season’s costumes incorporate Baby Alien, Crocodile, Broccoli, Gremlin, Mushroom, Jellyfish, Whatchamacalit, Lips, Squiggly Monster, Popcorn, Sun, Dragon, Giraffe, Seahorse, Snow Owls and Serpent.

Recently unmasked have been Lonzo Ball (Whatchamacalit), “Dr. Elvis” Francois (Serpent), Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black (Snow Owls), Bob Saget (Squiggly Monster), Wendy Williams (Lips), Mark Sanchez (Baby Alien), Brian Austin Green (Giraffe), Mickey Rourke (Gremlin) and Busta Rhymes (Dragon).

That implies heading into the championship round, the last six are Crocodile, Mushroom, Jellyfish, Popcorn, Sun and Seahorse.

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