If people are doubting how far can you go, Go so far that you can’t hear them anymore. This famous quote of Michele Ruiz holds true in the success story of Mr Rahul Atri, An entrepreneur who has created his own success story through series of struggle and hard work.

Rahul Atri is a smart businessman and a successful music producer, Born and brought up in Gurgaon. Rahul Atri was captivated by music and digital things from a very young age. He pursued his higher studies in Jaipur but the love of music never left his heart and soon after completion of his Business Management from Harvard University England, He entered into the music Industry.

He thinks that being independent and self reliant is important for being successful so he is also associated with his digital marketing company, Infinite India.

Rahul Atri has very strong roots in Haryanvi, Punjabi, Bollywood and Sandalwood industry. He mainly works in project with his best friend Sagar Bhardwaj, A famous bollywood actor and an Influencer who is working with Rahul from starting days.

Rahul Atri and Sagar Bhardwaj both are very successful in their marketing and music field. According to some reports, Rahul and Sagar both are like brother’s and this may be the reason we can see them together in music video launching parties, Opening of luxurious brands, Live events, Shows and infact in some interviews also.

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