Consistency is what Kheraj preaches and practices.

It goes without saying that the world has seen in the last few years how more and more young entrepreneurs are making their mark in their respective industries and fields. This trend has seen a surge and hence, many youngsters are trying to draw their own success path and show the world why they are the best in what they do. Zain Kheraj is one of those youngsters who knew that he had entrepreneurial qualities in him since the time he realized that he was born to do something bigger and better in life.

Coming from Atlanta, Georgia and born on July 6, 1992, Kheraj always wanted to make his journey to entrepreneurship very unique and something that could also inspire many youngsters like him. And, for this, he always knew that it is only the consistent efforts that one needs to put in whatever work he/she does that helps an individual achieve their goals in life.

Kheraj did his major in finance from the University of Georgia and dreamt of working in the consulting business. In the year 2016, he started a job at Berkshire Hathaway, but since his ultimate aim was to become a businessman, he left the company in late 2019 to go behind his hobbies and other interests. With this, started Kheraj’s journey as an entrepreneur where he initiated many small businesses as well as real estate.

Trustmysystem; however, has been his most renowned business till now, which has made its name in all of America as one of the most excellent consulting firms in the field of sports. In his company, top-notch handicappers cover all sports and give the best consultation in gambling on sports. They are driven by 100% transparency, high-quality customer service, and modest packages in the industry.

To motivate and encourage all other aspiring entrepreneurs, Kheraj advises them to block negativity in their life, especially when a person starts their journey in the business. He says that not all would find happiness in your happiness and hence, it is essential to not give out your ideas in the open at the start itself.

New entrepreneurs when they begin their journey, there comes a lot of fear as well concerning their business, its working, budget, whether or not it would be profitable. For different people, the idea of fear is different. However, Kheraj on the other hand, knew that it was time to give it back to his family and community and hence, he used his fear as motivation to make him understand that getting tied up to only one job won’t be enough to reach his goals in life. Thus, he strongly believes in the idea of confidence and determination.

This young lad of the industry doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon and has already made plans for his future endeavours. He is currently working on enlarging his portfolio in real estate and is also chasing his goal of opening up a chain of fast-food restaurants. At the same time, he is also working towards initiating his new startup, which will go live soon.

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