As the much awaited action thriller The Greatest of All Time (GOAT) draws nearer to release, fan excitement is growing. The talk of the town has been the partnership between celebrated filmmaker Venkat Prabhu and superstar Thalapathy Vijay. Additionally, the director revealed a few significant updates at a pre-release event in Chennai.

The Greatest of All Time by Thalapathy Vijay will Soon be Available

During the J Baby pre-release event, director Venkat Prabhu announced to the crowd that The GOAT is almost finished filming. Fans who have been waiting impatiently for any information regarding the film’s development are ecstatic to learn this information. Telling the crowd that only a few scenes remained to shoot, he assured them that most of the movie had already been shot. Plus, it will be part of the climax and the upcoming foreign schedule.

The post-production phase has already begun, even though the crew is still working on the last bits of the shoot. He added that computer graphics (CG) work for Vijay’s movie has started in both Chennai and Los Angeles. It was also revealed that five different companies are in charge of the visual effects and computer graphics (VFX), particularly for the scenes where Vijay is 19 years old.

All in all, fans should anticipate the release of The Greatest of All Time (GOAT) soon based on the production timeline.

Additionally, as the movie goes on, the music becomes just as important as the images. According to Prabhu, the group is currently working on The Greatest of All Time’s songs.

Followers should set their calendars for when Yuvan Shankar Raja’s debut single drops. It is anticipated to debut on television in May 2024.

Finally, for those who are excitedly anticipating Thalapathy Vijay’s film, the news that GOAT is almost finished makes them happy.

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