The business mogul Kanishk Gupta, a young and brilliant entrepreneur in the world of Stock Market in India is blessed with an understanding of the business world. He always is two steps ahead of his competition, giving his clients the advantage to make good use of the latest business tactics for growth. He firmly believes in smart work rather than hard work. He has a versatile personality and is now a prodigy in the Stock Market, his investment in this business paid him the best interest. He has the right vision and knowledge of the market and always thrives for his success.

Being the CEO of an ISO certified company, Incomet, which is propagating with utmost efficiency is proof of his entrepreneurial spirit and ability to add value to the lives of others. At Incomet , they provide stock market training and helps people to make income from financial markets. To date they have trained more than 8000 students from their inception. Apart from his company, he also has invested in startups. Helping and investing in business, new technology can never go unapplauded. Kanishk Gupta is urging the generation to come up with ideas that are distinctive and efficient, this will not only be a good opportunity to learn but also an efficient way to better up our lifestyle. He has a significant amount of growth and is often investing aggressively to expand to reach new heights. His growth is exponential. Started with very few resources and just an idea he now is living his dream life.
Someone once stated ‘no one can have it all’, that someone clearly never met Kanishk Gupta because he is the epitome of hard work and smart work.We wish him all the luck and accomplishments ahead.

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