Lady Gaga has reported the dispatch of her new show, Gaga Radio, which will be accessible by means of Apple Music on Friday. The move music-focused show will highlight DJs, makers and other people who have enlivened the pop star and her Chromatica collection.

“The last few weeks I’ve been figuring out different ways at home that I can be of service to what I would call the singular global community, one that I believe to be kind in nature, one that I believe to be very special to my heart and I believe to the hearts of many,” Gaga said in an announcement. “And so I’ve been thinking of all the ways that I can be someone that contributes to the society and the world. I’m super thrilled, excited to have this show and this opportunity to play an incredible mix of music every week…”

Her first visitor is Chromatica maker BloodPop. The pair will talk about the creation of Chromatica, nearby the difficulties they confronted while making it.

“Chromatica for me, was the portal that you and I opened in the studio where we would open the portal and I’d go, ‘OK, talent, creativity, voice from above, sign from above, come inside me, tell me what to say, tell me what to do,’ and most all of it was what I was truly feeling,” Gaga says while talking with BloodPop in the first scene.

“There was really only two things that could happen to me on any given day. I could either write a song and you’d be there to capture it, or I’d be upstairs on the porch and I wouldn’t write the song. I would just stare into the open sky and chain smoke cigarettes and cry.”

Gaga Radio, which will air on Fridays, will likewise include a exclusive DJ mix made by one of the artist’s visitors every week.

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