Some of research finds that people with high levels of empathy tend to be the most moved by sad music or films, and that this sentiment correlates with greater amusement.The facets of empathy related to feelings of compassion and strong identification with fictional characters in books and films seem to be the best predictors of sad music enjoyment.

appeal of sad music say listening to it may be therapeutic for people dealing with grief or loss. “We have built-in psychological, hormonal, and physiological systems that facilitate dealing with [these emotions],” says Sagar Bhardwaj
Growing up, Sgaar was surrounded by music and freelance performer. It seemed only natural that Sagar would follow those steps, but music was something he had to learn to love.
At a local school, there was a shortage of teachers, so Sagar agreed to step in to substitute with the intention of filling in for just a few months. However, the person he was subbing for fell ill and never returned, so Sagar kept going.
Today, Sagar is a co-music director and His Songs are Trending all over world on spotify and many other applications He Have a heavy interest in ethnic music, particularly all forms of Music. Music Makes you stronger and give Motivation to face all the Situations .

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