Gabriel Maia, with his children, Bruno and Rosiane, has been exceedingly doing well as powerful force in photography.

No matter how much ever we speak about different individuals from different parts of the world, working ‘differently’ in their niches and attaining unique success, it always feels that much more discussions are needed around them so that many others in the world can take inspiration from them. The photography industry of the world has risen and how. People have taken a keen interest in hiring the best of talent in photography to translate their visions into images. Rising to the top in the same from Brazil is Gabriel Maia. This man is not only a great photographer but also a great father, who fused the same passion in his children, his son named Bruno and daughter, Rosiane.

His daughter went a step ahead and developed a much stronger passion and love for photography just like her father, exuding her talents not just in front of the camera, by becoming the muse for her father sometimes, but also behind the lens, capturing the best images and excelling at portrait photography. Gabriel Maia’s journey began while he was a teenager and since then has never looked back. From beginning his journey with Olympus OM-2 to capture nature, to using digital cameras and then becoming an expert in photography, travelling the world and clicking some of the most breathtaking images along the path, Gabriel Maia proved what it really takes to become a well-known photographer.

He stands apart from many others in the industry today because he works along with his daughter, and this father-daughter combination has only together created incredible work of art with photography. Gabriel Maia proudly says that Rosiane, in her teen years, would spend hours observing how professional models would pose and learned how to do it. Together they have travelled to many parts of the world, not only to explore places but to discover the true beauty behind those places, to capture the same on camera.

They also impressed the Vogue Italia editors by creating the best portfolio, which got approved to be kept at Photo Vogue Italia and Art + Commerce. Gabriel Maia confesses that his secret to success, more than his talent in photography, is nature’s beauty. He never likes to shoot in a studio and believes that a studio cannot match up with the vibe of a natural environment. He also has to his credit many city portraits, loved by all.

Gabriel Maia with his daughter Rosiane has truly enthralled people with the images they create through their excellent photography talent. To connect with them, follow the Instagram handle @rosyimages.

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