Despite the world being driven by the craziness of smartphones that easily displays time, watches have maintained its own importance. The best example is set by Apple, a well-known smartphone maker company respecting the importance and demand of watches, which has created its own masterpiece. A watch business sells watches to customers who are interested in wearable timepieces. Platinum Times Company, a luxury watch company in Laredo Texas has earned a reasonable market stake within no time.

Raul, the founder of Platinum Times Company, earns a nine-figure income by satisfying the needs of thousands of customers for luxury watches annually. Started in 2010 and with lightning speed success in its operations, today Platinum Times Company flourishes by an increase of over 50% in its revenue.

Being passionate and hard working, Raul, CEO of Platinum Times Company, since his childhood saw the love his father had for luxury watches. Platinum Times Company’s CEO Raul started a collection of watches at an early age which increased as the days passed to a decent number of 30 watches by his college days.

The key to Platinum Times Company’s luxury watches collection is Raul’s travelling across the world and meeting the clients to expand his network in the luxury watch community. Raul’s passion for luxury watches and zest of achieving something great in the luxury watch industry has led Platinum Times Company to succeed over the market full of competitors.

Being an expert through his love for luxury watches, Platinum Times Company gets benefits of expertise knowledge and taste that helps customers get the best buying advice. Platinum Times Company has spread its network with clients in more than 20 countries and is still working hard to develop clients in the European, Asian, and Middle Eastern markets.

The groundwork laid by Raul, despite being a very difficult path has today made Platinum Times Company a successful luxury watch company across the world. With expertise, knowledge, a team of hardworking people and a motto of customer satisfaction, Platinum Times Company is not far from being a leading luxury watch company worldwide.

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