A ball gown wedding dress is full, long, overflowing in style with the skirt cinched-in waist. The top half of the gown is fitting and structured. The sleeves and neckline can be of different styles depending on the style and comfort of the bride from off the shoulder to high neck and full length sleeve to one shoulder sleeve, etc. It is primarily the fullness of the dress that defines a ball gown wedding dress.

An A-Line shaped wedding dress on the other hand has a more gradual widening when compared to a ball gown. The ball gown has an exaggerated fullness whereas A-line wedding dresses are shaped like the letter A, with being fitted on the shoulders and the waist and widening slightly in the skirt.

Bridesmaid dresses can be A Line shaped dresses if the bride has a full blown Ball gown dress. They will compliment each other and in case the bride prefers A Line wedding dress for her day then the bridesmaid dresses can be shorter or a slightly different version of the A line dress. A-Line dresses look great on any shape and sizes thus are especially great for brides who are not confident of their body sizes and are fearing the fullness of ball gown wedding dresses.

Nevertheless whichever choice the bride makes, each dress will lend a fairytale romance to the wedding as there are so many styles and designs available in the market today. Brides can wear mermaid ball gown dresses, strapless, and long-sleeves. There are chic and classy options available in the bridesmaids dresses too.

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