DJ Phellix is an artist who just came up with a brand new release, a brand new track titled Hold Me, released through the Dutch label SOAVE Records. This particular release is a massive milestone for the artist, and it marks a significant step forward towards further solidifying his sound and vision. To put it differently, this song is pure fire, and it burns a lot of the competition out there when it comes to up&coming electronic music!

Hold Me is definitely a breath of much-needed fresh air with its lush melodies and mesmerizing soundscapes. At times, everyone seems to be stuck in the same old cliches, and as a result, this particular music scene is becoming a little bit stale. However, every once in a while something fantastic and full of heart comes up, just like DJ Phellix’s new release. The song has a beautiful, lush sound, which feels deep and atmospheric. In addition to that, there are many amazing organic elements, including a stunning acoustic guitar solo part, which adds so much more depth and expressiveness to the table. The female vocals are absolutely beautiful as well, perfectly soaring over the beat while also contributing to a wide variety of styles and genre definitions. The track is a collaborative effort with Johny Luv, who offered a fantastic contribution to this remarkable piece of music.

Ultimately, Hold On brings a lot of energy to the table, and the track is actually mixed really well, highlighting the accomplished feel of this production on every standpoint. From the moment you hit play, you’ll instantly connect with the band’s passion and genuine ability to transport the listener to a different place with this song.

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