He is a huge part of the Sufi culture worldwide and has touched the hearts of listeners with his mesmerizing voice.

To have the vision to attain a particular goal in life is one thing, but to hustle each day, grind, face challenges, overcome them, walk on unconventional roads, question the norms, and put in rigorous efforts to turn those visions into a reality is a different thing altogether. People have had to work day in and day out to reach a certain level of success in their careers and have had to showcase their A-game in all they ever chose to do in their professional lives. Still, some have stood tall and unique from the rest for multiple reasons, just like Hamzah Khan did in the world of music.

The music industry is a world of its own. It has so far produced some of the greatest talents globally, but people like Hamzah Khan, who offer something unique through their innate musical skills, prove why they deserve to be known as extraordinary artists. He is a huge part of the Sufi culture today across the world, who has gone ahead in touching the hearts of listeners with his mesmerizing voice that has the power to take people more toward divinity.

Speaking about his journey, Hamzah Khan says that he began singing at the age of 5. He is an undergraduate in computer science and, apart from music, also had an inclination towards sports, where he played semi-pro cricket and still does and also loves watching cricket. He is also a passionate Liverpool football fan. He says that his inspiration was always to follow his dreams of creating musical art and also credits social media for helping him put out his work to his target audience and music lovers out there. His songs are available on Spotify and other major streaming platforms.

He highlights how social media helped him market his work and also spread the religion through various channels, eventually spreading more love, peace, and harmony. Hamzah Khan is also a highly recognized man within his community for his humanitarian works, which he has done across Bangladesh Rohingya, the UK, Lebanon, Pakistan and across the Middle East and also for being an international nasheed artist.

Hamzah Khan’s (@hamzahkhanofficial) love for Sufi culture and his exceptional deeds as a selfless man all have enthralled the world.

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