The latest Malayalam film, Manjummel Boys, appears to have no bounds. Featuring a group of non-star actors in a survival drama about friendship and loyalty, this film has become the highest grossing Malayalam film ever, making history.

Manjummel Boys’ global collection of 2023 has eclipsed that of 2018. The latter, estimated to have made approximately Rs 175 crore worldwide, was a commercial blockbuster. Within four weeks of its theatrical release, Manjummel Boys, on the other hand, outperformed it and established a new box office record for Malayalam films to come.

Box office records are broken by Manjummel Boys

Notably, the film’s early OTT release ended the fantastic box office run of the Tovino Thomas-starring 2018 release. Following a brief four-week theatrical run, the movie began streaming on SonyLIV in with its pre-release contractual obligation.

When it made its OTT debut, the movie was taking over Indian screens and even had the potential to become the first movie ever to break the Rs 100 crore mark at the Kerala box office with a longer theatrical run.

Expect Manjummel Boys’ OTT debut to be delayed

The film’s spectacular run came to an abrupt end with its OTT release in 2018. Nevertheless, Manjummel Boys’ creators are free to wait until the movie’s craze spreads throughout theaters as they have no such obligations.

Since the movie’s creators don’t appear to be in a rush to get it streaming, it will have plenty of time to fully benefit from its rising fame. As no major new releases are scheduled for the next few weeks, Manjummel Boys may continue to be the most popular film among South Indian viewers.

Tamil viewers also responded very well to Chidambaram’s written and directed film Manjummel Boys. The movie is the biggest Malayalam hit in Tamil Nadu history, earning over Rs 32 crore in the state alone.

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