McRib, the fast food sandwich that became a viral before viral was a thing, is back.

McDonald’s reported Friday that without precedent for a very long time it will offer nationwide its barbeque slathered sandwich with the cult following.

The McRib will show up on the menus Dec. 2, limited time of course.

The McRib is a subtle prize for adherents, who scour the web for reports of its surfacing at restricted areas, and for a short measure of time. There is even a site called the McRib Locator, made to get the message out about McDonald’s cafés that are offering the boneless pork sandwich presented with slivered onions and pickles on top.

The company’s online media group this month lamented an absence of worry over its emotions, when the McRib enters the discussion.

McDonald’s is once again introducing the McRib broadly as it attempts to recover its balance during the pandemic, which left a large number of its lounge areas inadequately populated or empty, however drive-through eateries kept on working.

At the point when it delivered second-quarter profit in July indicating a 68% decrease in net gain, the world’s biggest burger chain said it would spend more than $200 million to help franchisee showcasing during the second quarter in an offer to get clients back.

It’s not difficult to get a McRib any time you need it, yet you may need to head out to Germany, where it’s on the menu all year.

The McRib appeared broadly the U.S. in 1982.

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