From performing paranormal rituals to visiting some of the most haunted places in India, Ankur Kashyap has devoted himself to explore the Horror Genre like never before.

This 20 year old YouTube sensation has more than 1,000,000 subscribers, making him one of the top horror entertainers in India.
He says “ I have always been interested in ghosts and paranormal stuff since childhood. YouTube has changed my life forever, I do what I love the most and people love it too.
It’s crazy how 2 years back nobody knew me. YouTube has a wide range of audience and I have found mine. I never thought so many people would enjoy watching the haunted content I produce.”

Ankur has a very strong fandom, mostly youngsters, who consider him to be ‘The Best Horror Vlogger Ever’ and also consider his vlogging style to be unique and ‘never seen before’.
Sound effects, editing, colour grading and most importantly the ‘thrill’ his videos have is definitely something which makes people want to keep watching his videos even more and vouch for him.

Ankur Kashyap has broken all the rules and stereotypes to take the Indian YouTube Horror Genre to another level. He wishes to keep creating new content and find more ways to entertain his horror loving audience. He says “ There is still a lot more to learn. Filmmaking is all about creativity and I am all about creating interesting haunted videos.”

Youngsters like him bring new ideas to the entertainment industry and Ankur is an inspiration to all of us!

Hannah Whiteman

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