Most talked about fight of last decade in MMA was Mayweather Vs McGregor. It was a question of an MMA fighter fight in a professional boxing match.

McGregor started with the upper hand by surprising Mayweather, but the result was predicted. The performance of an MMA fighter proved that MMA fighter could compete professional Boxer and can fight in Boxing.

Today a good number of Boxers and all compete in great sport of MMA. Martial specialists and all compete in MMA, and they all have made this game very interesting and most talked about thing in competitions worldwide.

Today, when we are talking about best fighters of MMA, we came across young talent called Helal Jr. 23-Year-old born and brought up in Egypt, went to the UK and now taking his career forward in Malaysia with his Apparel business name bxglab (boxing lab).

Helal Jr started kick boxing when he was only 12. Helal Jr. was got inspiration from his Late. Elder Brother. Helal Jr. is a master in Martial Arts, KickBoxing and also fantastic Boxer too.

Helal Jr. is the founder of the fastest-growing company bxglab (boxing lab). Being a sports person, he is doing a fabulous job as an athlete and as a businessman. You can visit his company site he is planning to make his company best or say Number 1 boxing apparel in Malaysia. 

Helal Jr. has won many prestigious titles in the past. He is a 2011- EFC Muay Thai Champion, 2012 – EFC MMA Bantamweight Champion, 2014 – EMA Featherweight Champion, 2018 – TRFC Light Welterweight Champion. 

Helal Jr. has gone through a tough time, and he was taken aback when he lost his Elder brother Ali Yonis in one accident. But he came back with a bang to become the best in the business and fulfil his brothers dream to make it big in life, especially in MMA and its Apparel business.

Helal Jr. story is an inspirational one it teaches you many things like Discipline, dedication, hard work, belief, and continuously working for hours to remain the best in sports and also in business.

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