A man may take whatever decision and set whatever goals he wants but he never knows how his life will turn in the future. We have seen many such examples where a person with financial problems becomes a billionaire. Michael Stemley is one of such people.

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Michael is a simple but versatile person with a lot of potential and talents especially in managing things perfectly. In his past, he was nothing more than an average person with financial issues. Moreover, he went through some drastic incidents which made his life miserable. But Michael is not a quitter so he carried his way and struggled more. Today he runs his own company, has huge connections with various celebrities, and earned the title of best-selling author.

Michael Stemley’s Work as a Businessman

Michael is the owner and CEO of ML Production LLC which has become one of the fastest-growing companies. The purpose of Michael behind making this company is to assist independent music artists to help them achieve high levels in the industry. The company helps such artists with financial literacy, music mastery training, and music business coaching.

“Our baseline is to foster financial literacy and mold musical mastery. We aim to create leaders that take more control of their music and seek financial freedom through musical means.” 

Working with the dedication to assist music artists has let Michael earn a respected and great name among the music industry. He has not only made connections with huge celebrities but also with top record labels including Sony, Universal, and Island Def Jam.  

Michael Stemley’s as an Author

Recently, Michael launched his first-ever book “Wealth, Power, Respect”. The book was so much appreciated even before its launching especially by the celebrities due to whom there were hundreds of pre-orders of the book. There are three reasons behind its pre-published popularity.

The number one reason is its title. Wealth, Power, Respect: all these three things are what any person wishes to achieve in this life. That is why it attracted people’s attention.

The number two reason is the content of the book. The book not only has an attractive title but also relatable and quality content. Its content comprehends the wealth creation, necessity of investing in oneself, financial management, and cash flow management. You can also check his Facebook. He also narrates that the first step is to understand the notion and mechanism of money. In short, the book’s content is not complicated but necessary for one.   

The last reason is the author. Michael has established himself as an incredible and professional financial master. He has proven his worth by his actions so now people trust his words too. By looking at the popularity of the book, it seems that he got successful as a writer too. That is why he was counted as the finest book-seller.      

Michael Stemley’s Plans

Michale is one of those people who always looks ahead. After running the financial company, writing a book on financial management, he is planning to launch a mobile cash app named ‘Money Cash Up’. The service of the app is not clarified yet but it is going to launch this year.

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