Digital marketing, a rapidly emerging field attracting the youth worldwide . Considered esoteric someday, now everyone is familiar with it. There are so many success stories coming out in this field every now and then, inspiring jillions of people and these stories make us wonder what things helped entrepreneurs and their companies flourish so much. Well, there are multiple, but one cannot deny the relentless drive, passion and consistent efforts of those to reach greater heights of success.

The marketing niche is one such, which so far has welcomed many, but one name that has been buzzing high lately is “Archit kumar”.

The exhilarating story of this young entrepreneur ‘Archit” will arouse the spark within you to persevere for what you have a passion in.
One can learn a lot of things from him. But first of all lets take a glimpse of his background. Archit, an etrepreneur from Bihar currently residing in Delhi is a 21 years old hardworking young man giving his all in digital marketing. Coming from small town of Bihar to becoming one of the youngest entrepreneur, the founder of “architdigital”shared his experience of this journey, referring to it as a “roller coaster ride.”

He said, “The idea of being your own boss is liked and dreamt by a lot of people but being your own boss also means being fully responsible for every decision you make. A single decision is capable in turning things around, be it from worse to better or vice-versa. “Digital marketing is indeed reaching out to a lot of people but it is also a fact that at first every person think it’s a cup of tea and there is no urge to put in so much effort in it.
It is so important to know that you have to build trust with your clients. Not every person is fully aware about how can they promote their business by connecting with you. You have to keep your calm and make them understand the benefits of it in simple and convincing way. Provide them the informations required and let them take time.” He mentioned.
Being a newcomer to this field, he already has observed some nuances of it. The unwavering belief that he is commendable. Further he added, “There are so many ups and downs, all the ups made me have more faith on me and my work as well and the downs are a reminder for keep doing better and gain more experience. My journey has just started now. There is a lot more to add to it. “

According to him, “Entrepreneurship can also help us to learn norms of life.He said, “My passion for it never diminished, it got more and more deep in the time being. Coming and starting a company that involves a risk surely needs passion, hardwork and sheer determination to go on a succeeding path. Being young and starting it was also a challenge. Every small mistake made by me might be called as an immature trait of my age. But the desire to do what I like made me overlook these and totally focus on my work. I would like to give the same advice to every young people to go for the things that they really want to do.”

As of now, he already has helped a lot of businesses, and artists through his deft skills in digital marketing.Maintaining an understanding and trustful relationship with his clients and being able to give his clients the same results that they asked for is everything that he aims for.

Checkout this amazing young Entrepreneur’s profile and website.

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