Ruler’s post mortem collection “Welcome 2 America” was composed and recorded over 10 years prior and will be delivered on Friday.

The new record has 12 tracks that are emerging from the vault with unheard music from the Minnesota legend, who kicked the bucket over five years prior.

Contingent upon when you shopped at Electric Fetus in Minneapolis throughout the long term, there was an opportunity you could get a brief look at Prince.

“He liked wandering around and nobody bothering him — just flipping through and seeing what’s what,” said Jim Novak, Electric Fetus’ music buyer. “He had very eclectic tastes in music — we didn’t know if he was looking for jazz, classical, rap.”

Presently, the record store is planning to deliver Prince’s new collection.

“Fans are clamoring for it, we have fans from all over the world that have ordered it from us, we’re excited to let everybody hear it,” Novak said.

The collection was recorded at Prince’s Paisley Park in Chanhassen.

“Studio B is special to me — this building and this whole place is just a magical place,” said Morris Hayes, the musical director of “Welcome 2 America” who spoke with ABC’s Good Morning America.

Hayes clarified more about what fans will hear in the verses during the meeting.

“In the wake of George Floyd, it’s a poignant record right now, even more so than when we did it,” Hayes said.

Back at Electric Fetus, staff gets ready for Friday’s delivery.

“It’s about social justice, equality — this could have been his 2020 COVID album,” Novak said after listening to the record.

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