This fashion model is steadily climbing up the ladder of success by procuring juicy projects that are potent enough to catapult him to stardom.

Adel Kuses has created a prominent place in the world of modelling, having gained enough projects which have portrayed him in the right light. Known for his good looks and great personality, Adel is steadily moving to grab his place in this big world of fashion and entertainment, and is confident of hitting the bulls eye soon. He has under his belt a few prestigious projects which are effective enough to get him into mainstream. This upcoming model comes from Croatia, but was born in Arizona and is currently planning to move to California. He has the potential to make his mark in the right manner as the talent that he has showcased in his previous projects are enough proof that he can carry himself far in the entertainment industry, standing shoulder to shoulder with some of the established names who have made it.

Adel recalls how he was drawn towards this career path as everyone around use to encourage him to go for modelling because of his good looks and charming personality. That thing remained with him all along, till he took it up seriously, and started auditioning to grab modelling assignments. “To make yourself stand out, you need to do something different from the conventional thing, and I have tried to be as unique as possible in my work to make the right impact, and I believe have even succeeded to a large extent,” claims the promising model who knows how to mold himself perfectly to gain the right limelight. He has gained enough experience about the industry by working with people right from photographers to agents to even entrepreneurs which has helped him gain vast experience about the real world.

He likes to take up challenges and try working hard till the goals are accomplished. “Never say quit and keep trying hard till you get there, and always be positive and keep going, no matter what the situations are,” says Adel who believes in working towards building his career than on things which are not important. Speaking about his future plans, he says that he sees himself being successful, with multiple sources of income and connections, and definitely be known as one of the best in the entertainment industry.

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