Dealing with change or loss is an inevitable part of life. At some point, everyone experiences varying degrees of setbacks. Some of these challenges might be relatively minor, while others are disastrous on a much larger scale. When this affects one’s ability to live normally, abandons bond with people and creates a deep web of an outcast, that is exactly when the illness begins and starts impacting the person adversely.

The general population having this complaint is 3.5% while the graph of military veterans having these surge signs ends at 17%. Undoubtedly, it is crystal clear how the soldiers of the military face these bitter sequels, although the blunt truth reveals its case when there rests average-of-none liability for the treatment of restoring the normal life of the soldiers through government sources.

Considering this as an urgent issue, Jeremy Stalnecker came up with an organisation “Mighty Oaks Foundation”, which helps military veterans find their peace of mind, leading a happy and healthy life. The soldiers who put their life to save the nation’s lives, post-combat they would need the most care while adjusting to civilian life and so are similar patterns of surroundings. They require proper counselling, therapies, medications and support to get back to normalcy again. Here how Mighty Oaks helps them is, by facilitating all of the following treatments that would meet the needs of the veterans concerning their specific issue.

Till the present date, Mighty Oaks has helped multiple veterans cope with PTSD, TBI, anxiety and exceptional behavioural patterns and the number of survivors are increasing day by day. The suicide rate has reduced to a vast extent and Jeremy wishes to eradicate this cracking surface forever from the lives of military veterans. Mighty Oaks is truly an organisation that has broken the acceptable intolerance from society and has marked the name as the first record-breaker in history.

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