The OTT version of Bramayugam, the Mammootty film that debuted in theaters in February 2024, was just released. The well-known streaming service Sony LIV is now offering the historical horror movie for viewing. As anticipated, Bramayugam, a black-and-white film, has left moviegoers everywhere, including non-Malayali speakers, feeling incredibly impressed. The film’s star, Mammootty, is currently receiving praise from the public for his portrayal of Kodumon Potti.

Bramayugam audience praises Mammootty’s performance

Movie fans are awestruck by the veteran actor’s outstanding portrayal of Kodumon Potti, an enigmatic elderly man who resides in a dilapidated mansion in Bramayugam. Through special posts on social media, the public is now praising Mammootty for his daring film choices and willingness to take chances. The movie enthusiasts believe that he is the only established star in modern Indian cinema to have successfully transformed his acting career.

Since the OTT release of Bramayugam, the megastar’s performance has made him a trending topic on all major social media platforms. Online users draw attention to the fact that Mammootty portrayed Kodumon Potti with poise and determination throughout the movie. It’s also worth noting that portraying a character with so many layers is very challenging because there’s a chance of certain parts turning cartoonish. Nonetheless, in the Rahul Sadasivan-directed film, the seasoned actor went on to give one of his best performances to date.

Is a sequel planned for Bramayugam?

The director, Rahul Sadasivan, has acknowledged the possibility of a Bramayugam sequel in numerous interviews recently. The director did, however, clarify that Part 2 is not currently planned. For those who don’t know, the film’s final scenes have generated a lot of conversation on social media, with users feeling that the filmmakers left it up to the viewer’s interpretation. Fans of the film are eager to see Mammootty as Kodumon Potti again on the big screen because the film is so open-ended that it could easily have a sequel.

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