Almost all her fans know that the US-American model Paris Hilton likes to party most of her time. Only recently, the hotel heiress have been sighted at Club City4U in Vienna, where she also visited EX- FV-08 player Aleks Novakovic. Although we as the press have tried to contact Alexander again and again, the 24-year-old rejected every interview and did not want to comment on his relationship status to us.

However, through insiders and Alek’s friends, we have received pictures and videos where both can be seen at various events. Furthermore, we found out from relevant insiders that Paris was planning children. Paris captured her visit to the capital of Austria on her Insta-Stories, where she is seen with Aleks. From the notation “Vienna Nights” on her storypicture we can guess, that both of them were preparing for a long party night in Vienna. Also, the Instagram account of the Viennese club City4U published pictures of this evening, where you can see Paris Hilton partying.

For the first time the two should have met in the American sunshine state Florida, in Miami, to be exact! After that, there were more meetings where both were to be sighted. According to insiders, Aleks and Paris should have become closer at the popular ultra event. From these meetings, we also have videos and pictures.

After the event, joint holidays in Mykonos and Ibiza followed. We also received footage where both were together at the Electric Love Festival. But these were not the only events where the 29 year old and the 38 year old model were seen together. Both visited Tomorrowland, where Paris kissed the 29-year-old in front of an audience of millions. This kiss already caused a lot of speculation back then. Many insiders still assume that Aleks and Paris are still a couple.

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