The “Patang” team unveiled their newest poster to celebrate the festive Sankranthi holiday. It stars Pranav Kaushik and Vamsi Pujit in the lead roles, with the gifted Instagram sensation Preethi Pagadala. This poster does a fantastic job of encapsulating the spirit and intensity of the movie.

A competition for flying kites serves as the backdrop for the sports comedy-drama “Patang.” With this distinctive backdrop, the team proudly declares itself to be the nation’s first sports film.

With its rich cultural heritage, Hyderabad is the setting for what looks to be a unique cinematic experience. A significant portion of the movie—50% of it—was filmed in Hyderabad’s basthi neighborhood, highlighting the vibrant culture of the area.

Cinematic Elements and Rishaan Cinemas, two new production companies, are producing the movie.

With nine tracks overall, the soundtrack of “Patang” is the central focus of the movie. Jose Jimmy, a gifted rookie, composed the soundtrack. The album is expected to be one of the movie’s biggest highlights, so industry circles are already buzzing with excitement.

Keep checking back as Team ‘Patang gets ready to launch a number of promotions. The music videos will soon be released with lyrics.

It’s a landmark project for all involved, as debutant Praneeth Prattipati directs Patang’, which brings 13 new actors to the big screen.

One of the movie’s standout performances is that of singer SP Charan, who also plays an actor in the production. This summer, “Patang” is scheduled to premiere on television.

Get ready for a hilarious, melodic, and Hyderabadi-infused cinematic experience that will last a lifetime!

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