Rajat Lubana from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh is a successful forex trader in India. Lubana’s journey is highly inspiring from being so successful in hotel management industry to India’s best forex trader.

If yu look back at Rajat Lubana’s journey, You will be encouraged to work on your dreams. At the age of 22 Lubana start to learn forex trading and at the age of 27 Lubana becomes director of The Bull Infotech, India’s most trustable, prominent and highest profit distributor firm.

Rajat Lubana is the epitome of hard work, honesty and success. Whether it was running a Forex education channel, being an entrepreneur or a successful trader. He gives his best in everything. Without any godfather in the Forex trading world, Lubana has made a mark for himself in the industry.

It has been four years since he started his journey of accomplishments, and he is unstoppable. Lubana wants to educate the people about forex and help them to generate maximun profit with none other than the bull infotech.

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