Ramanna Youth Overtime Date & Time of Release: Written, played, and directed by Abhai Naveen, also known as Abhay Bethiganti, Ramanna Youth is the newest political satirical village play. When the film opened in theaters on September 15, the box office reception was not entirely positive. The reviews for the comedy-drama were middling.

Ramanna Youth Synopsis

Telangana’s Ankshapur is home to the energetic young man Raju (Abhai Naveen). He wants to impress the local MLA Ramanna (Srikanth Iyengar) in order to fulfill his dream of becoming a youth leader. In the interim, Raju develops feelings for Swapna (Amulya Reddy). Raju and his pals devise a political scheme out of enthusiasm that will get them into trouble and completely change their life.

Ramanna Youth OTT Release Date & Time

This young village drama is now prepared to launch on the OTT platform’s digital streaming service. The ETV Win app paid a respectable amount to purchase Ramanna Youth’s digital rights. via May 30, the film will be accessible in Telugu via streaming services. It was declared officially.

Ramanna Youth Cast

Key characters in the film are played by Abhai Naveen Bethiganta, also known as Abhay Bethiganti, Vishnu Oi, Anil Geela, AMulya Reddy, Thagubothu Ramesh, Srikanth Iyengar, Jabardasth Roshini, and Jagan Yogiraj.

Ramanna Youth Crew

Produced by AAR under the Swarna brand, the film Ramanna Youth was written and directed by Abhai Naveen, who also played the lead role. All of Kamran’s music and score was written for the movie. Fahad Abdul Majeed turned up the film. The film’s editors were Rupak Ronaldson and Abhai Naveen.

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