A good day to all! Today you will be reading about, one of the best and growing software for all the hiring problems of a company.

If you are a business owner or an executive in a company and you want to hire a suitable candidate for your company without wasting time then is your go-to solution.

We will see about this company, its details, how recruits the candidates, and all other related information now.


Recruiting is the process of selecting candidates to work for a company through various selection processes and methods and the people who do this job are called Recruiters. Some of the well-known selection methods are

  • Application or resume submission
  • Assignment or project
  • Exams
  • Interview
  • Campus recruitment and many others.

And you would have guessed it by now, it is a time-consuming as well as a money-consuming process.

On average it takes nearly or more than a month to hire new employees with an average cost of 3 lakhs. So it is very difficult to hire a new employee, but what if there is another way to hire without this much does just that for you.

They are a rapidly growing company with the largest network of more than 27000 small recruiters and independent recruiters.

They help to recruit talented candidates with a virtual team of recruiters and also with the use of AI and video job matching technology. They also hire recruiters to work for them from any part of the world and now small information about 

It was established in 2015 by Ashley Saddul and Miles Jennings with their Headquarters in New York City. Currently, they have branches in Los Angeles, Bristol, Vancouver, and San Francisco.

How To Hire Employees?

Hiring suitable and efficient candidates for a job has never been easier and with software you can get a list of candidates in a single search.

Resumes from candidates who have submitted to are sent to the company and after some time the company will contact the candidate if they find the resume good.

To get more people interested in your company, write a good and clear description of the job or what the company is looking for?

A reasonable and wonderful salary will also attract more candidates for the job you have posted. If not you can also use the job keyword tool to find the candidate in the area of expertise you are looking for.

Hiring A Recruiter

With you can just hire the best and experienced recruiters without any tension. It is the same as selecting candidates from

Post your job for the position of the recruiter and the resumes will be submitted to you or the provides professional recruiting assistance on a monthly subscription for small and long-term projects.

Also, it will be less than other services because on average a recruiter charges around 4 lakhs to 5 lakhs for a big company and it may be less for smaller companies.


With you will be hiring recruiters and candidates for your company at a lesser time and at a much lower rate. As I said it takes more than one month to hire or select a candidate for a job and an average cost of about 3 lakhs.

But reduces this cost by nearly about 50% less. With this platform, you can manage your job posting in a much simpler and easier way and the job suggestions will be accurately matched according to your needs with the help of the AI and video job matching technology.


This is a go-to solution for all candidate selection and recruiting needs.

So I hope it was a good and useful article for those of you searching for a job or looking to hire employees or recruiters. Thank you.

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