On the unique event of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan’s commemoration, we praise their affection and responsibility by returning to endearing minutes that really demonstrate Saif as the best spouse and family man in B-town. Saif who is known for his flexible jobs, most certainly knows how to assume the part of a spouse and father best. From their unmistakable inseparably spotting to extraordinary recollections, every one of these minutes adds a hint of pleasantness to the couple’s inconceivable excursion of adoration together.

The following are five occasions that exhibit why Saif is hailed as the best spouse ever –

  1. Saif’s insightful guidance reaches out past the cinema. At the point when Kareena Kapoor was getting ready for her impending venture, Saif exhorted her not to be a backbencher and to enter the set with an uplifting perspective. His expert direction is an approach to showing support for Kareena’s vocation.
  2. As we as a whole realize Taimur is the most clicked star kid by the paps. Saif and Kareena settled on a vital choice to assist manage what is going on of outrageous spotlight with regards to their child. Saif’s methodology was clear – “just let it be, we’ll manage it.” He decided not to conceal Taimur from the world, permitting him to grow up unaffected by the spotlight.
  3. We as a whole know that the Kapoor khandan loves to eat, however what we love more is a hubby who can cook. What’s more, Saifu certainly wins spouse of the year as he is many times spotted concocting the most delightful and true feasts for his loved ones.
  4. Whether it comes to arranging get-aways, or winning contentions, Saif knows in some cases it’s ideal to allow the spouse to lead. As per Kareena he leaves all the get-away wanting to her and even allows her to triumph ultimately the final say regarding any conflicts.
  5. Saif Ali Khan isn’t simply a mainstay of help for Kareena’s expert dreams, he likewise shares equivalent obligations in nurturing their charming child, Taimur. He really tries to be available at home and change his work gatherings to invest quality energy with their kid, guaranteeing that one of them is generally there for Taimur. She credited Saif for “being so cosmopolitan, so open and really sharing and taking the heap off me”.
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