Samsung’s Odyssey Ark, which we’ve previously depicted as “the most maxed-out gaming monitor we’ve ever seen,” is currently accessible for pre-order in Australia, flaunting some properly mega bonuses for those hoping to secure the screen in front of its October 24 release.

Portrayed by Samsung as a “personal gaming theatre”, the Odyssey Ark is a 55-inch 1000R curved gaming screen with a cutting-edge Mini LED backlighting system. It has a 165Hz refresh rate, a 1ms response time and can rotate into a vertically aligned ‘Cockpit Mode’ for added immersion.

Obviously, a gaming monitor as impressively outrageous as the Odyssey Ark doesn’t come modest, wearing an RRP of AU$4,499.

While that is without a doubt a salty cost for any gaming monitor, the expense is fairly reasonable when you consider this is basically a 55-inch Mini LED TV with some extra functionality.

Fortunately, Samsung is offering Aussie clients some truly next-level pre-order incentives — every Odyssey Ark pre-order buy from Samsung’s online store will get a Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Series Gaming Chair with a limited edition Odyssey Magnetic Head Pillow (valued at AU$759), alongside a 1TB Samsung 980 Pro NVMe SSD (valued at AU$235).

On the other hand, there’s another extraordinary pre-order offer accessible for the people who needn’t bother with a new gaming chair or SSD — Harvey Norman is offering a bonus AU$1,000 gift card with each pre-order purchase of the Samsung Odyssey Ark which can be reclaimed in store on anything you want.

So on the off chance that you previously had your eye on Samsung’s mammoth Odyssey Ark gaming monitor, it appears there are a number of strong reasons why pre-ordering is the best approach. We wouldn’t sit around idly excessively lengthy, however — these pre-order offers are just accessible until October 23, 2022.

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