With R&B at a major high, it is no surprise that R&B groups would be making a comeback. There have been a few girl groups trending here and there but overall the music industry is missing those notorious days where bands were formed and gave us that special something that a group of talented musicians give.

YNG WMXN gives us that special something in spades. The quintet, consisting of triple threats Harley (16), Keturah (18), Délon (19), Aiyanna (19), and Mari (21) was brought together and formed by Talent Manager/A&R Kharmony Fortune and are debuting their song NVRLND, an original created for the fantasy/dramedy series The Mels. The song captures the magical essence of the show which centers around an underground school for black girl magic. NVRLND originally appeared in Episode 2 on TikTok in October of 2021 and then YouTube the following February. With the hopes of earning a Children & Family Emmy nomination, YNG WMXN worked with one of the leads of The Mels, R&B Singer ANISA, to record and shoot their own video for NVRLND. Unfortunately, after consideration, they were informed they did not qualify.

“We want to inspire little girls everywhere to believe in themselves,” says singer Keturah. “We hope to see little girls dressed up in white gowns like us for Halloween.”

“NVRLND lets the imagination run wild. The song describes a dream world where you can do what you love to do,” Aiyanna continues, “where everything you wish comes true. And it’s a bop!”

Achieving this goal, NVRLND is an enchanting and refreshing debut track with lyrics written by Lynniah Herron and produced by multi-platinum writer/producer Dem Jointz. YNG WMXN is currently recording their EP, their rise will be very exciting to watch.






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