The people behind the most successful film of 2023, Pathaan, are preparing a sequel. Tiger vs. Pathaan, which stars Salman Khan, is slated to be directed by Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone. According to reports, the two are getting back together for Pathaan 2. According to a source who spoke with Pinkvilla, Aditya Chopra of Yash Raj Films has already finalized the screenplay. Before the events of Tiger vs. Pathan, the story will take place.

As per the source, “Pathaan 2 will take place before Tiger vs. Pathaan and will establish the confrontation between two legendary actors on the big screen.” Without a doubt, viewers have found resonance in Shah Rukh Khan’s portrayal of Pathaan; in fact, they have been clamoring for more of the spy to appear on screen. Soon after Pathaan’s January 2023 release, Adi and SRK made the decision to establish the film as a stand-alone franchise inside the Spy Universe, and the former started coming up with ideas for the eagerly awaited sequel.

The insider revealed that production on Pathaan 2 is anticipated to start by year’s end. According to the insider, Pathaan 2 is envisioned as the space equivalent of a blockbuster spy film, setting the stage for bigger battles in the future. It will open the next chapter in the YRF Spy Universe timeline. In actuality, Pathaan 2 primes the audience for the pivotal confrontation between Pathaan and Tiger that takes place in a future timeline. One of the most well-liked films in YRF’s Spy Universe was Pathaan, which was directed by Siddharth Anand. But it’s not clear if Anand will be helming Pathaan 2 as well.

In January 2023, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham starred in the film Pathaan. At the worldwide box office, the film ultimately brought in an astounding Rs 1,050.30 crore. Tiger 3 featured a cameo from Pathaan, and Salman’s Tiger made appearances in both SRK and Pathaan. The two Khans will now work together on a feature-length film titled Tiger vs. Pathaan, which is scheduled for release subsequent to Pathaan 2.

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